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Why build a Melanin Inner Circle?
This is Where We Stand. When it comes to melanin skin, there are more misinformation campaigns than most of us care to count. It could be a lack of deep understanding, a bit of apathy, or even just that it’s a mammoth of a job to swim through the absolute SEA of information out there—-and come out knowing what’s what.
WELL, We’re putting our hands up in the air and saying Yup. We’ll do it. We’re ready to delve deep into the depths (sometimes abyss) of Science and Technology and will come up and share what we discover with you. Everything that has to do with Skin 101, Wellness and Melanin Magic…We’re doing it. We’ve started this Melanin VIP Inner Circle so that you could have an avenue to share your thoughts and experiences with us and other melanin women
But why?
As all great stories go, this need to deep dive and share what we find has been part of our hero journeys. We are here today having a conversation with you because Natacha and Desiree have put together a team of women across the States and Europe to collect, curate and share melanin stories and experiences by women with varying skin tones. Women who live and breathe in very different countries from Africa and Asia, to North America and Europe.
Desiree Reid was the co-founding GM and Marketing Director of IMAN Cosmetics from its inception for over two decades. She has (as you may have already read) been championing any and all conversations about all things melanin.
She is here, today, asking you—-as we do:
Join our #LetsTalkMelanin Inner Circle. It’s easy. The conversations are already there. If any melanin conversations around beauty, wellness and community move you or pique your interest, then let’s keep talking.
  Natacha Paugam is our eloquently elegant Founder. Her passion (as all great founder stories go) stem from personal experiences driving her to instigate change. After many horrific challenges that have made her distrust both over-the-counter skincare brand promises and expensive cream narratives…she rediscovered the wisdom and beauty of her very own Mother’s remedies and the wonderful African sources that her deep knowledge stems from…
Do you blog? Write? Or is Instagram your jam? Tell us about yourself here and we can get your thoughts and wisdom published quickly and succinctly.  
Join our #LetsTalkMelanin Inner Circle. Let’s co-create this journey of melanin magic and skin discoveries that are both unique yet universal.
Big things are afoot!
Here’s Natacha pondering everything melanin and other season-changing (life-altering) matters….
The #LetsTalkMelanin Blog Our Stories. Your stories, old and new.
There are indeed plenty of conversations taking place online – but do you ever have the feeling that blogs are talking AT you, and not having a conversation with you?
We’re changing that.
Every blog has beauty tips for melanin-rich beauties, #LetsTalkMelanin is your destination to collaborate and engage with others around the world to share tips, beauty routines, remedies and insights about obtaining the utmost in health, wellness and beauty.
All over social media you’ll see people talking about skincare and wellness.
Topics like what works for them, ingredients that help protect and strengthen skin against the outside world, or how they’ve obtained clear, beautiful skin and how they address common skin concerns and conditions.
Whether you live in Africa, Asia or anywhere in-between, #LetsTalkMelanin provides a platform to share stories, build community and strengthen the bond between women who truly understand what it means to nourish and care for beautifully-rich skin tones.
Ready to join the conversation? Let’s begin: What IS melanin?Not sure what melanin is exactly or how it affects the tone and color of skin, eyes and even hair? Let’s dive in and get the basics down — after all, the topic of melanin is often misunderstood!Melanin is found in everyone. Without going too deep into the science behind skin and how cells work, we’ll cover the foundation of where melanin comes into play when it comes to skin and the gorgeous plethora of tones  we see around the world.Skin contains special cells known as melanocytes which create melanin in the body. Even though everybody has melanocytes, the shade (tones ranging from light to deep) of skin depends on how much melanin is produced by those special cells. The more melanin the body creates, the deeper and richer the skin tone.
Pollution. It’s a word that’s so prevalent in our conversations these days. It’s no longer about avoiding just the pollution in the air but rather pollution and toxins in everyday items we use. From household products, to skin and body care, even the candles we use in our self-care routines! The potential for pollution to affect skin cells is astounding.
Pollution also has a powerfully negative impact on melanin-rich skin and the overall wellness of cells – which causes skin to lack the radiance and glow we all crave at any age.
It’s not enough to add simply apply sunscreen to the skin and hope that cells are adequately protected from UV rays. With ever-increasing levels of pollution in the world around us, there’s an intensified need to protect against other contaminants as well.
So that, lovely Melanin Queens, is the written word about The Why, How, and a little bit about what you will see next…
After many horrific skin challenges that have made me distrust both over-the-counter promises and expensive cream narratives…I have rediscovered the wisdom and beauty of my very own Mother’s remedies, wonderful African sources, and well: Science and Art playing together to create the best of many worlds. Join our #LetsTalkMelanin Inner Circle.
Write for us, Keep reading, Let’s keep talking.
Join us in this journey of melanin magic and skin discoveries that are both unique yet universal.
Big things are afoot!
Natacha, Let’sTalkMelanin.com, Founder