Sep 30, 2020   Melanin Magic

Melanin Trailblazers - Welcome, Autumn

Author by : Natacha Paugam

September is the late afternoon of the year. There’s a little less light, a little less heat, and there’s the first signs that it’s time to move towards hibernation mode. There’s enough time still to get a few things done but with more urgency than the first half of the day had.

I’ve always felt like September’s a nudge to get to those things that have been suffering from I-can-do-it-later-itis since April. There’s a little bit of a hurry on to get well started on a few things before the coats come out. It feels like a little bit of a nudge, but the regret hasn’t started yet.

Coats and scarves slow everything down unacceptably. Have you ever noticed that?

And precisely like that first whisper of autumn, reminding me to get serious about my health, three amazing melanin queens have walked into my life.

Angie Franklin, a yoga instructor with a sense of aesthetic and community-mindedness, reminds me that what I do is never just what I’m doing. Angie brings beauty, stability, and flexibility to the world around her.





"...The status quo is that yoga studios are usually white-owned establishments, and not much is done to make them more inclusive or representative of people of color. Angie Franklin, who is Spanish (born in Madrid, Spain) and black, was keenly aware of this fact and, two years ago, established Afro Yoga in Sacramento, to create a movement in the “for us, by us” model.

You must be very disciplined, doing yoga every day.
"I don't actually. Sometimes I just can't get myself to the mat. Too many things going on and my heart is not in it. I try, I do try to do it every day, like we all do. But when I can't, I own up to it. That, too, is so important..."

Alicia Rancier, a powerlifter and trainer, embodies the good that can come of strength. Her strength of will and purpose manifest in the way she’s a beautiful amazon of a person.











What is "Wellness" to you?
"Amazing skin, Healthy gut, Toned muscles, Mindfulness, Regular exercise, Laughing lots"

Describe your absolute Wellness Quest GOAL in detail.

"As far as being in shape I’ve already accomplished that goal. I’m currently working on my skin care. Throughout high school I’ve suffered from  massive breakouts and hyperpigmentation from sweating so much while playing sports. Being of colored skin, it’s more of a challenge to have clearer skin. It definitely takes awhile to heal your skin but I have been seeing changes so far just by adjusting my diet and staying hydrated everyday. I know no one will completely have perfect skin but it would be nice to just have a clearer complexion."

Lauren Garcia is a melanin queen with a different focus. She’s putting her work into strength and flexibility in the mind. She’s educating herself in psychology so that she can be an ally to those of us in mental distress.















They’ve all walked into my life at an ideal time, in the late afternoon of the year, when it’s important to remember to be flexible, strong, mentally well, and beauty-seeking.

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