Sep 08, 2020   Melanin Magic

Melanin Trailblazers - Confection by Confluence

Author by : Natacha Paugam

Do you know, it’s not entirely clear to me how to feel shocked about women in pants suits. Perhaps I’m too young. Perhaps I’ve seen too many perfume ads with Halle Berry or Cindy Crawford in an elegant two-piece suit to even think about how that might be a surprising combination. It is obvious, I suppose. Before a certain point, if women wore trousers it shocked and amazed. Then at a certain point Yves Saint Laurent determined that the shocking combination of a woman and a pants suit could be beautiful.
















Not all combinations ought to or need to be shocking, of course. Red wine and dark chocolate seem mixed from the same soul stuff, and nobody worries that taken together they may be passe.

It’s by combining satisfying elements that we celebrate new life. Cocktails, lords and ladies. Cocktails are the sparkling and colorful result of mingling what hasn’t yet been mingled and doing it anyway because the result is fabulous. The future that caused what we call today is a cocktail of yesterday’s experiments, and we raise a glass to those shakers full of adventure.

We’d like to talk about the cocktail of culture that gives our Let's Talk Melanin Community its flavor. The only solitary thing that is difficult: We haven’t finished mixing the drink yet.

We’ve identified some of the ingredients. In the gin and tonic with a twist of lime that is our culture, we’ve found our particular brand of gin and the secret sort of lime that we like best. And we know that we need the quinine in there, or it isn’t really a G&T, is it?

Our first shaker-full comes in a trio. They fit together with the kind of satisfaction that makes one wonder how it had not been thought of before.

One is a professional in the skincare industry—of course. Meet Maria.

One is a growing name in fashion—comfortable: Patricia of The Motherland Plug

And the third is a writer—ah, but that fits, if you muse on it: CaTyra.

Maria (from Skin Bliss)
Founder and Scientist demystifying skincare one scan at a time.

She has wielded A.I. in a most interesting way...Take a picture of ingredient lists to easily get information about your product and about each ingredient. Find out more about it in GetBliss.com

What on earth started it all?!
Like in so many other founder stories, my idea for Skin Bliss was born out of personal necessity (and despair). I've developed adult acne in my twenties, and no treatment was able to help me. After following misguided advice and purchasing unreasonably expensive, yet promised to work - by the expert - skincare for years, I decided to educate myself on the topic. I'm a scientist by training, not in chemistry, but I was confident enough I could apply basic scientific reasoning in order to gain at least some understanding of the topic.
It didn't take me long until I realized that the whole industry is basically a mess, full of false claims, misinformation, and in transparency. And suddenly I knew what I wanted to do in my life...

Skin Bliss App is under constant development. We have just released the first version of our web app (https://getskinbliss.com/cosmetic-analyzer/) that we would love for you to test.






Patricia (from The Motherland Plug)
Curator  and Trailblazer

Tell us about The Motherland Plug...
"The Motherland Plug is a culturally curated Afrocentric online retailer. Customers can find a variety of handmade, fairtrade, African imported goods. Our shop exists to help individuals of African descent feel people feel proud, loved and important."

I started out in 2012 while in college with an etsy shop because everyone wanted to buy my crafts. As I grew older I started to learn about my culture and wanted to find a way to share that pride with others. I never stopped running my business even though I was doing very well in my professional career. I decided that I would take the steps necessary to expand my shop to include more then just items made by me. I would work with African craftsman to curated a cuturally ethnical shop. That is when things started to take off. Just last week I was able to move this Business out of my bedroom and into and art studio. Never in my wildest dreams did I think leaving my professional job 3 years ago would have been the push I needed.

Visit Patricia's The Motherland Plug website. We love it.

Fashion and skincare are storied activities. They tell the story of self. Without any words spoken, I can put my history and allegiances on display with my warpaint and my armor. Our style is our story.

A writer fits in with us like beauty describes images.

Those three worlds work well for us now. Skincare, fashion, and writing mingle into a flavor that we quite like.

Our particular first voices bear a closer look.

The skincare professional that we’ve made friends with is a scientist who has devoted her expertise to servicing people usually neglected by the skincare industry. We quite like that twist.

Our friend who is a growing name in fashion has been creating a home—a community—for poorly represented voices in fashion. She gives us strength with her strength.

Our friend who writes stories is a melanin queen, and we think she’s rather glorious.

We like talking about them, and we like to be friends with them.

Maria Otworoska, Patricia Striggles, and CaTyra Polland are three amazing women we’ve made friends with, and we celebrate them.

We look forward to talking about them at parties.

We’d quite like making more friends like them. Reach out to be featured!



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